Quality & Guarantee

High quality repairs backed by a solid guarantee at great prices make for satisfied customers. And happy customers return.

Good for you and good for us.


Smart Phones


We repair all types of smartphones, iPhones, Samsung,

Huawei, Moto, Sony, HTC, LG., etc

All our screens and parts are GUARANTEED.

We specialize in the repairs other shops cannot do;

- Water damage

- Data recovery

- Wifi & antenna signal

- Motherboard soldering

- Bent frame

- Camera glass

iPads & Tablets


Quick quality repair of all iPads & tablets. We can repair them all.

Glass, Wi-fi, sotfware what ever your problem we can fix it.


Laptops & PCs



If we cannto fix it you do not pay


Macs, HP , Acer, Lenovo, Sony, etc we can change batteries, screens, update sofatware, recover data.


NERD - Smart Phone Repairs CVR: 35981775

Frederiksborgade 37, 1360 Copenhagen K